Any time an attractive and humble image is demand in order to promote both brand and organizational support: this is your profile. Congresses, tours, fairs, activations, product sampling, protocol events, clients reception, accreditations… There are so many functionalities and versatilities for this profile.

We provide a wide hostesses services choice:

  • Commercial Hostesses; Clear vocation for commercials stuffs, great oratory skills to make possible turn a potential client into a closed sale.
  • Image Hostesses; Women with a high image profile. In order to impulse and elevate a product strength, a hostess presence is a must to keep in mind.
  • High image hostess; Women with a high-value image (almost super models), in which image and height are extremely valuable. These profile are related with great VIP events, speed circuit, Premium products, night activations, tours, etc.

Commercial Hostesses

Image Hostesses

High image hostess