Why EGO?

12 reasons


We exist so that you do not have to worry about our work.

We are here to give value-added value and so that you can delegate our work fully.


We give you support at a national level. We cover actions daily throughout the Spanish geography. Everyday many people work for us to give you the best service possible.

“All the time we are working for you”


We know the market after 10 years of experience.

If there are problems we know how to solve them and what to do so that they do not happen again.

“Yes, we have 10 years of experience. But do not call us old-school … “


We adapt to your needs.

 “Just ask”


We are agile in processes and 121 activations.

 “t was due yesterday… and we had it done yesterday”


Stable profiles and special staff.

 “We are a ton of people”


We bet and believe in selection, in good selection.

 “… Good people!”


…as well as in formation, to develop/train our professionals.

 “… Psh… Smart and trained”


…and even more, in motivational programmes to empower your professionals.

 “We love the affirmation of passion never fails…”


Our structure is totally flexible.

What allows us to adapt to the demands of each activation.

 “Three, four or five legs for a bench, for a chair, or for a table!”


We have warehousing and logistics services and coordinate both services.

 “An organized company is worth two”


OwnIntranet for information management in real time.

 “We invest your time”