Corporate is up-to-date. Participating in workshops increases the feeling of belonging in the group. Our company organises entertaining events providing the logistic and staff support needed.

Product training: in EGO we offer qualified trainers that will provide the team with the tools to understand and communicate with customers in order to deliver the quality of the product/brand. Information, and therefore formation, will help you better persuade, which will consequently boost sales.


Staff usually associated with these categories

POS Managers, salesmen, bartenders, assemblers, coordinators…


We have been working with EGO for almost 2 years and it is always a comforting to hire their services. Very few companies dedicate so much effort to adapt the contracted staff with the brand values ​​of your company. All their teams work aligned to offer the best selection of personnel in each event, adapting to our specific needs and with a quality level very difficult to overcome. I want to congratulate them because they are always up to the circumstances, congratulations team!

MARTA CAMPOS General Manager Málaga, España CABIFY